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PRELUDE Dynamics: Headquarters, in the USA, Austin Texas

VISION CTMS and Data Management software vendor.  Clinical Trials, Registries


  • Over 2000 users in 20 countries

  • Provide data collection for clinical trials that are efficient, easy to use, customizable and affordable.
  •  Electronic Data Capture
  • Clinical Trial Management features 
  •  Integrated Randomization 
  •  IWR & Patient Reported Outcomes 
  • Custom Interfaces (labs, devices, etc.)




Leading India CRO, Offices in London UK, and Mumbai India


  • Dedicated Indian CRO with established links partners in China

  • 63 Phase II –IV trials with 10,071 subjects across 597 sites in India

  • Partner clinical research sites throughout India

  • Investigator and site fees are 50% of those in the West

  • Costs of therapeutic, diagnostic services and hospitalization are 30% of those in the West.


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